4 Ways of Using Snapchat to Promote Your Kindle Book

In this article you’re going to learn how you can harness the power of Snapchat to promote your Kindle book and drive some serious sales. A lot of authors are overwhelmed by the platform, but there really is no need, it’s a lot less intimidating than you may think… 1.   Create Exciting Snap Stories. One […]

3 Ways to Use Cross-Selling to Sell More Kindle Books

There are a million techniques and strategies you can implement to help you shift more Kindle books, however, some of the most simple ones are still the most effective. Among these simple, tried and tested strategies is cross selling. In this article I’m going to break down how you can cross sell effectively to drive […]

4 Ways of Turning Current & Potential Kindle Book Customers into Newsletter Subscribers.

Of all the digital marketing strategies that exist, newsletter marketing is one of the most tried and tested and most effective, even in 2021. Turning your customers and potential customers into newsletter subscribers is not as tricky as you think. Read below to see how you can do it effectively and cheaply. 1.   Target them […]

7 Ways of Using Competitions to Generate More Engagement, Fans and Sales For Your Kindle Book.

Competitions are an excellent way of driving more sales for your Kindle business. Not sure how? Well, then, stick around and I will show you how you can use competitions to really move the needle for your Kindle business in a short space of time. 1.  Do your research. Before you do anything else, we […]

3 Ways to Use the Power of Word of Mouth Marketing to Supercharge Your Kindle Book Sales.

Many Kindle authors get pre-occupied with online marketing, which makes sense, as digital marketing is always going to be the primary way of driving sales. However, Kindle authors need to ensure they don’t overlook more traditional techniques like word of mouth marketing as they can still drive significant sales for their kindle books. 1.  Reach […]

3 Ways to Optimise Your Kindle Listing For More Traffic And Sales.

Book cover choice has a big impact on conversion rates

When thinking about ways to optimise their Kindle listing, authors often become overwhelmed, and understandably so. There are countless so called gurus out there all claiming they know the tweaks to turn our Kindle listing page into a money making machine. I, however, have broken down the main three broad elements you can optimise on […]

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