3 Ways to Use the Power of Word of Mouth Marketing to Supercharge Your Kindle Book Sales.

Many Kindle authors get pre-occupied with online marketing, which makes sense, as digital marketing is always going to be the primary way of driving sales.

However, Kindle authors need to ensure they don’t overlook more traditional techniques like word of mouth marketing as they can still drive significant sales for their kindle books.

1.  Reach Out To Fans And Superfans.

Reaching out to your fans and super fans is important.
Image Source: Anthony Delanoix via Unsplash

One of the best ways of supercharging your word of mouth/referral marketing is to reach out to your fans and super fans and send them each an individual and authentic request to spread the message about your Kindle book.

In your message to them, be sure to reference how you are a relatively unknown author and how them telling their friends and family about your book will help tremendously in raising your profile.

You will be surprised at just how much of an impact just a handful of motivated, engaged and energised fans can make when they start spreading the message about your book.

2.  Ask Your Readers What Would Make Them Spread The Word.

Asking your readers what would compel them to spread the word is important to word of mouth marketing.
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One of the best ways of figuring out how to get more people to spread the word about your book is to simply ask them why they aren’t telling more people about your book and what you can do/or what can change for them to start doing so. It’s remarkable the valuable and actionable information people will give you if you simply just ask.

So, don’t assume you will know what will work to get more people sharing the message about your book. Ask them, listen intently and then act quickly on their advice.

3.  Experiment With Incentives.

Experimenting with incentives is crucially important.
Image Source: David Everett Strickler via Unsplash

Incentivizing your readers is one sure-fire way of getting a large proportion of them to start talking about your book to their friends and family and really supercharging your word of mouth/referral marketing efforts.

There are a few ways you can go about figuring out the incentive to use. You can test a bunch of different incentives and monitor to see which one yields the best results or you can simply ask your readers and have them tell you the incentive that would most motivate them to start telling others about your book.

One idea for a really clever incentive is to have merchandise (T-shirts, hoodies etc) bearing your book cover/logo/notable quote from the book on them as the incentive. This way you encourage people to tell others about your book and the incentive they are getting works as free marketing for your book! Double win!

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