3 Ways to Use Cross-Selling to Sell More Kindle Books

There are a million techniques and strategies you can implement to help you shift more Kindle books, however, some of the most simple ones are still the most effective. Among these simple, tried and tested strategies is cross selling. In this article I'm going to break down how you can cross sell effectively to drive more sales.

1.   Cross-Sell Within Your Book.

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If you’ve ever seen the ‘you may also be interested this…’ widget on an Amazon product page then you have encountered an example of cross selling.

The issue with Amazon’s Kindle cross-selling, however, is that you have no control over which items Amazon tries to cross-sell from your Kindle book listing page and they will often recommend your competitor's books. This also stands true for any cross-selling Amazon does at the checkout stage and after the sale is made.

A more effective way of cross-selling is for you to have control over what is promoted as a cross-sell for the Kindle books you sell.

One great way of doing this is to cross-sell within/inside your actual Kindle book. As long as you don’t overdo it and try and cross-sell every ten page then you will be surprised at how receptive your customers are to some subtle and measured in-book cross-selling.

A good in-book cross-selling strategy is to recommend 1-3 books that are highly similar to the one the customer is reading as the cross-sell. As you are recommending books that are highly similar to the one they have already purchased then there is a high chance that they will be interested in the cross-sell offers you are presenting them.

2. Cross-Selling Within A Kindle Product Page Book Description

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Another great way of cross-selling is to provide details of similar books you have written, in the product description section of a Kindle product page. You need to be careful here as the goal is for the potential customer to purchase the Kindle book(s) you are cross-selling in addition to the one they are on the listing page for, not instead of it.

3.  Cross-Selling Via Your Newsletter/Email List

Image Source: Steohen Phillips via Unsplash

Another great way of cross-selling is via your newsletter/email list. You first need to segment your list so that you are presenting your cross-selling message only to people within your list that have purchased from you before. And we recommend you segmenting the list further by the specific book they purchased.

 You can do this segmentation by sending out a survey to your entire list where they can enter if they are a previous customer or not, and if so, which books they have purchased.

Once this is done then you can send out an email to only the people within your list that have purchased one or more of your books in the recent past, and make recommendations that are very similar to something they have already purchased.

This really increases the chances of you achieving sales, as cross-selling is most effective when it is done to current/previous customers that are being recommend something similar to, or complementary to, the thing they have already purchased from you/are purchasing from you.

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