How Mom of 3, Gabrielle Speth Sold 5000 Copies and Got 250,000 Page Reads For Her Books In Just 6 Months

Hear How Mom of 3, Wife and Writer Gabrielle Speth Sold 5000 Copies of Her Books and Got 250k Page Reads In Just 6 Months

This is a story of fascination.

Hear how in just 6 months she’s accumulated over 5000 orders and a quarter of a million page reads for her books!!!

With an English teacher telling her that her writing would never be good enough to be published…

…She how Gabrielle Speth, went from doubting the quality of her writing to publishing MULTIPLE books AND even helping her 7-year-old write and publish (2) illustrated children’s books.

You’ll also hear the simple method that she used to write a 60,000 word book, from her phone.. All while nursing her child.

You’ll also hear how her husband accidentally stumbled on the Kindle Cash Flow course at and purchased it for her as a gift.. (This one brought warmth to my heart.. So shout out to having great life partners)

Hear about the plan that Gabrielle and her husband have for supporting one another as accountability partners in publishing.

Why she decided to join the KCF Fast Pass program just a month after getting the Kindle Cash Flow program and what it’s done for her.

What caused her to momentarily lose focus, just as her business was growing

Her formula for putting time and energy into the “Things that work” (This is a must-hear for anyone who is not where they want to be right now)

The biggest mistake that she made with Facebook ads and how you can avoid doing the same (She now gets clicks from Facebook for as low as 0.01 (Yes 1 cent!!))

How she spent just $27.00 to build a list of 300+ people on her newsletter

She even shares how often she mails her list of just under 3,000 readers and subscribers to her newsletter.. This is one that you’ll want to model

Why as a creative writer, she initially doubted that anyone would be interested in reading short, 10,000-word books (Based on the fact that most well-known authors write much longer books)… And how she got past it and how you can too.

How has helped her to form relationships with others that are on the same mission as her when it comes to writing and selling tons of books

How one call with a KCF coach helped her to get on the fast track to now writing 10,000 words a week (Schedule a free call with a Kindle Cash Flow coach at

Hear her advice for the person that is doubting if they can do this..

And so much more that you’ll want to list to this episode now, while it’s fresh on your mind

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