4 Ways of Using Snapchat to Promote Your Kindle Book

In this article you're going to learn how you can harness the power of Snapchat to promote your Kindle book and drive some serious sales. A lot of authors are overwhelmed by the platform, but there really is no need, it's a lot less intimidating than you may think…

1.   Create Exciting Snap Stories.

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One of the best ways of using Snapchat to promote your Kindle book is to create interesting, engaging snap stories. The important thing is to post snap stories often, ideally daily, which is the level of frequency that users expect on Snapchat. It’s better to send out a short snap story every day of the week than two long ones twice a week.

Ideas for snap stories would include quotes from your book, book updates and also posts that take your followers inside your life as you are writing/promoting your Kindle book. The more personal and human the snap stories are, the more they will resonate with the audience and the more likely they will be to buy the book.

2. Reach out to followers directly.

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Another great way of promoting your book on Snapchat is to reach out to followers directly, letting them know that the book has been released and how they can buy it. Crucially, you can use the conversation to persuade them to tell their friends/family about the book to spread the message about your book far and wide.

Remember to not just start the conversation by promoting your book as that will likely come across as too pushy and salesy and likely turn the person off. Instead, engage with the follower by commenting on things you have seen on their Snapchat account or by thanking them for following you.

3.  Create snap mini series.

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Snap mini series are a good way of ensuring high levels of engagement from your fans and ensure they are consuming more of what you are putting up on Snapchat.

A mini series idea would be you releasing a paragraph of your book in each section of the series to compel the followers to keep opening the later snaps in the series. The more the fans engage with you on Snapchat, the warmer they become and the more likely they will be to buy the book.

4.   Use filters.

Image Source: Thought Catalogue Via Unsplash

Filters are a big deal on Snapchat. The more you use things like Snapchat filters the more your account looks like a genuine, real account to your fans and less like a stale book promotion account. Authenticity is highly important on Snapchat, so don’t be afraid of getting really personal and using things like pictures of yourself with filters on Snapchat as you are writing/promoting your book.

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