4 Ways of Formatting Your Book Text for the Kindle Format.

In order for your book to appear properly across the ever-growing versions of Kindle devices, it’s absolutely crucial that you format things correctly while you are writing and once you have completed the writing process. Getting the formatting right, as easily as possible will potentially save you a lot of headache and drama further down […]

5 Ways To Write Better Amazon Kindle Book Listing Descriptions.

Your Kindle listing book description has a huge impact on your Kindle sales. The more interesting, engaging, useful and persuasive your Kindle book description is, the more likely you will be to convert a higher proportion of visitors to customers. Often authors are overwhelmed when it comes to writing their Kindle book description, as they […]

3 Ways to Properly Take Your Kindle Book International

Taking your Kindle book international can rally catapult your sales as you go beyond your home market, opening you up to millions more potential customers. However, taking your book to other countries is not always completely straight forward and there are a handful of pitfuls you should be mindful of and avoid if you are […]

5 Ways to Get Valuable Early Feedback on Your Kindle Book.

The right piece of feedback can really transform your Kindle book for the better and implementing the right advice at the right time can really be the difference between success and failure in many cases. But, how do you go about getting useful, thoughtful, actionable advice? Well, it’s not as difficult as you might think […]

6 Ways To Promote Your Kinde Book On Pinterest

Facebook, Twitter and now Tik Tok have been stealing the lion share of the limelight in recent years, but platforms like Pinterest still have millions of dedicated, daily users. So, there is a high chance your target market is using Pinterest, especially if they are young and/or female, this, coupled with the fact that Pinterest […]

5 Ways to Price Your Kindle Book for More Sales.


Pricing, understandably, has a huge impact on how much revenue and profit you make as a Kindle author. Often authors get tangled up in Amazon Kindle centric pricing techniques, however, there are a number of tried and true pricing techniques that work in all scenarios, offline and online, and that includes the Kindle marketplace. I’m […]

7 Ways To Improve Your Proofreading Skills For Better Kindle Book Writing

Reading out aloud really helps you notice mistakes.

A lot of authors know the great importance of good proof reading but they often think that this is soley the job of the editor. But, becoming better at proof reading as an author can have multiple benefits. Your writing will become tighter and more concise. You will be more mindful of what you are […]

6 Ways to Promote Your Kindle Book Offline

offline marketing is very effective for driving sales for your Kindle books

When thinking about marketing their Kindle books, most authors minds are occupied with online digital marketing methods, and whilst they should make up the bulk of your marketing strategy, don’t overlook offline methods. There are a number of offline methods that are very effective in driving awareness and sales of your Kindle books and I’m […]

4 Ways to Improve Your Typing Speed To Finish Your Kindle Book Faster!

improve your typing speed

Often authors mistakenly think that the speed they are typing their Kindle book at now is the speed they are forever stuck with, but its not so. There are a handful of tried and tested ways you can dramatically improve your typing speed and with it the speed at which you complete book chapters. Improving […]

5 Ways of Finding the Perfect Editor for Your Kindle Book

book editing example

An experienced, talented editor can take a good Kindle book and make it truly great. The challenge, however, comes in finding an editor that not only is talented and skilled but is a good match for your book and genre. It’s really worth the effort to find the right editor though, as they can really […]

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