4 Ways of Turning Current & Potential Kindle Book Customers into Newsletter Subscribers.

Of all the digital marketing strategies that exist, newsletter marketing is one of the most tried and tested and most effective, even in 2021. Turning your customers and potential customers into newsletter subscribers is not as tricky as you think. Read below to see how you can do it effectively and cheaply.

1.   Target them via Facebook page ads or Boost Post.

Image Source: Brett Jordan via Unsplash

One of the best ways of getting a large proportion of your Kindle book customers and potential customers to sign up as email subscribers is to target your Facebook fans with a well written and well-designed ad or post directing them to your email sign up landing page, as there is a good chance that a large number of your Facebook fans will be your past or future customers.

The reason we recommend using Facebook ads or a Boost Post as opposed to just a regular post to your page is because if you use a Facebook ad or Boost Post then Facebook will allow you to reach your entire Facebook follow base, for a fee. A free post only ever reaching a small proportion of all your Facebook fans.

2.  Ask them within your Kindle book.

Image Source: SincerelyMedia via Unsplash

A really good way of encouraging people to sign up to your email newsletter so that you can build a relationship with them and market to them for the long term is to actually ask for them to subscribe within your Kindle book itself.

Of course, you won’t want to do this too frequently as it will take them away from the book. So a good idea would be to request them to become newsletter subscribers every 50-100 pages and then once at the end of the book, in more detail.

3.  Reach out to them via Twitter

Image Source: Brett Jordan via Unsplash

Another good way of getting your Kindle book customers and potential customers to become newsletter subscribers is to craft an engaging, interesting and persuasive tweet requesting they go to your landing page and sign up to your newsletter. An added idea is to pin this tweet so that it always appears at the top of the page when someone visits your profile.

4.   Incentivise them.

Image Source: Evan Hancock via Unsplash

No matter which way you use to reach your Kindle book customers and potential customers to get them to subscribe to your newsletter it is very important to incentivise them by telling them what they will be getting in return for giving up their email address. The better or larger the number of incentives the more inclined people will be to subscribe.

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