6 Ways Of Creating The Perfect Flashback In Your Kindle Book.

Flashbacks are a great way of adding depth and communicating vital information in your Kindle book. But, creating a compelling, memorable one that adds to the story in the right way is not always an easy task. In this article, I’m going to break down how you can create the perfect flashback. 1. Find A […]

10 Ways to Radically Improve Your Writing for Your Kindle Book In 2021

You won’t want to miss this article! I break down the ten major ways you can really level up and improve your writing in 2021 to produce even more engaging, interesting and compelling Kindle books. 1.   Write More. One of the best ways of improving your writing is to simply write a lot more. Writing […]

8 Ways To Create More Memorable Characters for Your Kindle Book.

Strong, interesting, memorable characters are the backbone of any good Kindle book. But how to create, compelling characters that spring to life and not lifeless ones that are quickly forgotten? In this article I’m going to break down the main ways you can create winning characters for your next literary masterpiece. 1.   Develop detailed character […]

7 Ways To Maintain Higher Focus & Concentration To Finish Writing The Book Faster.

how to maintain focus

Through out the week most authors are bombarded with enticing and seductive distractions that are working hard to lure them away from their writing work. Whether it’s Netflix or Nintendo. Restaurants or raves. The number of distractions are seemingly endless and ever growing. So, how do you overcome those distractions and maintain a high level […]

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