5 Ways of Finding the Perfect Audio Narrator to Turn Your Kindle Book into An Audiobook.

Audiobooks are more popular now than ever and if you haven't yet converted your Kindle book to an audiobook then you are seriously missing out. In this article, I provide a complete breakdown on how to find the perfect narrator to turn your literary masterpiece into an audio one!

1. Figure out the sort of voice/tone you want.

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One of the most crucial things you need to do is really think about the sort of voice and tone you want your audiobook to have. We highly recommend you listening to other audiobooks and podcasts to get a feel of the sort of voice/note you would want your audiobook to have.

2. Write a detailed but concise brief.

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Write a detailed but concise brief. The brief should contain a summary paragraph or two about what your book is about, and then proceed to clearly outline what the job/task Is – here you will detail how many pages the book is and what sort of tone/style you require the audio transcription of the book to be in.

Next you need to highlight the skills and experience you are looking for, for the role. You then need to outline the sort of person you are looking for (e.g. someone who communicates well, produces work on time, takes criticism well etc).

Finally, you need to outline what the milestone and final deadline for the project are as well as what the overall project budget is.

To give you the best chance of finding the most suitable person we highly recommend you providing short audio samples of audio material that closely matches what you are looking for, assuming you have copyright person to do so.

3. Put brief out to freelance platforms.

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Once you have a clear and concise brief written up, the next thing you need to do is post this brief on the major freelance platforms including Upwork, PeoplePerHour and Fiverr.

We highly recommend you posting to multiple platforms as some talented freelancers visit one but not the other and you want to maximise your chances of finding that perfect voice for your audiobook.

4.  Ask for paid samples.

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Once you have found a handful of candidates you like, a good way of narrowing them down is by asking them to complete a very small paid exercise where they record maybe 20-30 seconds of your audiobook.

This is an excellent way of really finding out who is most suitable and mitigating your risk, as the last thing you want to do is hire someone for the entire project and find their voice is not right for you half way through the project.

5.  Select a candidate.

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Once you have the audio samples and have asked all the questions you deem to be relevant, you should have a clear candidate that you are interested in. Now, it's just a matter of confirming terms with them and having them start on the project to turn your Kindle book into a beautiful sounding audiobook ready to earn you even more money!

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