5 Ways of Setting SMART Goals to Get Your Kindle Book Finished Faster And More Efficiently.

SMART goals have been popular in the business world for many years, but, recently, a lot of authors are catching on to this type of goal setting and it’s been helping them tremendously with their Kindle book business. Read on to find out what SMART goal are and how you can implement them to get […]

5 Ways to Use the Pomodoro Technique to Maintain Motivation & Write More Efficiently.

Keeping motivation and productivity high, consistently is a tough task when writing your Kindle book. Life is unpredictable and some days you just feel better than others. But what if I told you there was a simple, straightforward technique you could use to make productive writing sessions a more regular occurrence? Read on to find […]

5 Ways To Use Writing Prompts To Improve Your Kindle Writing

Writing prompts are an excellent way of sharpening your writing skills in order to write your Kindle books more effectively. However, many authors, understandably, become quite overwhelmed as there are so many different types of writing prompts out there and so many ways of going about approaching writing prompts. In this article I’m going to […]

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