6 Ways To Find The Best Coffee Shops And Cafes To Write Your Kindle Book From.

Coffee shops and cafes have long been associated with writers, and for good reason. The right coffee shop can provide the perfect environment for writers. Cosy enough to feel comfortable but not put you to sleep. Interesting enough to help ignite creativity but not so interesting that they pose a distraction. In this piece, I’m […]

5 Ways to Write A Kindle Book for Children.

The children’s book market is huge and constantly growing. It’s also a really hard market to nail and there a lot of things that can and do often go wrong for a lot of authors. In this article, I’m going to break down how I believe you should go about tackling this market in order […]

8 Ways to Use the Scrivener App To Write Your Kindle Book More Rapidly, Efficiently and Accurately.

Scrivener is an insanely awesome writing app. Easily one of the most feature-rich and most useful writing apps I’ve ever come across and I have tested tonnes of them. In this article, I’m going to break down the main ways Scrivener can help you in your Kindle business. 1. Collate all of your writing materials […]

6 Ways to Use Feedback Effectively in Order to Improve Your Kindle Books.

Many authors are reluctant to receive feedback as they are scared of what they might hear. I argue that running away from feedback doesn’t make the things any less true. Inviting feedback and processing that feedback healthily can really be the difference between success and failure. In this article, I break down the main ways […]

5 Ways of Finding the Perfect Audio Narrator to Turn Your Kindle Book into An Audiobook.

Audiobooks are more popular now than ever and if you haven’t yet converted your Kindle book to an audiobook then you are seriously missing out. In this article, I provide a complete breakdown on how to find the perfect narrator to turn your literary masterpiece into an audio one! 1. Figure out the sort of […]

6 Ways Of Creating The Perfect Flashback In Your Kindle Book.

Flashbacks are a great way of adding depth and communicating vital information in your Kindle book. But, creating a compelling, memorable one that adds to the story in the right way is not always an easy task. In this article, I’m going to break down how you can create the perfect flashback. 1. Find A […]

4 Ways to Have A Website Created to Promote Yourself as An Author and Your Kindle Books.

In 2021 there should be no reason for you to not have a website for your Kindle business. The benefits are countless and it’s easier than ever to have to now have a website for your Kindle business. Read on to find out more… 1.   Use DIY Website Builder Service. One of the simplest and […]

5 Ways of Setting SMART Goals to Get Your Kindle Book Finished Faster And More Efficiently.

SMART goals have been popular in the business world for many years, but, recently, a lot of authors are catching on to this type of goal setting and it’s been helping them tremendously with their Kindle book business. Read on to find out what SMART goal are and how you can implement them to get […]

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