5 Ways to Write Better Dialogue for Your Kindle Book

Writing engaging, compelling dialogue seems simple enough, but there are a handful of common traps you can easily fall into. In this article, I’m going to breakdown what these traps are and how you can avoid them. 1.   Keep It Brief And Avoid Small Talk Unlike dialogue in real life, dialogue in your book needs […]

5 Ways To Use Writing Prompts To Improve Your Kindle Writing

Writing prompts are an excellent way of sharpening your writing skills in order to write your Kindle books more effectively. However, many authors, understandably, become quite overwhelmed as there are so many different types of writing prompts out there and so many ways of going about approaching writing prompts. In this article I’m going to […]

5 Ways to Write Your Kindle Book When You’re on the Move

Just because you’re on the move doesn’t mean you can’t work on your Kindle book. Sure, it is a little more tricky, but just imagine how much further along you could be with your Kindle book if you could unlock some of the travel time and use it to write. In this article, I’m going […]

4 Ways to Improve Your Typing Speed To Finish Your Kindle Book Faster!

improve your typing speed

Often authors mistakenly think that the speed they are typing their Kindle book at now is the speed they are forever stuck with, but its not so. There are a handful of tried and tested ways you can dramatically improve your typing speed and with it the speed at which you complete book chapters. Improving […]

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