5 Ways To Use Writing Prompts To Improve Your Kindle Writing

Writing prompts are an excellent way of sharpening your writing skills in order to write your Kindle books more effectively. However, many authors, understandably, become quite overwhelmed as there are so many different types of writing prompts out there and so many ways of going about approaching writing prompts.

In this article I’m going to breakdown the main types of most useful writing prompts for Kindle authors.

1.   Themed Writing Prompts.

Themed writing prompts are an excellent way of sharpening writing skills for Kindle books.
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Themed writing prompts are a really strong way of getting really good at one type/genre of writing, which is especially handy if you are in the midst of writing a Kindle book within a specific genre which has a lot of writing prompts out there for it.

2.  Picking At Random.

Picking at random is an excellent way of getting things moving.
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Putting a bunch of writing prompts in a hat and picking one at random is an excellent way of getting your creative juices flowing and exercising that creativity muscle, enabling you to get better at thinking up new and novel ideas and stories for topics you wouldn’t usually write about and consider, which will strengthen your creative writing skills overall.

This will help you immensely when coming up with more creative ideas and storylines when writing your Kindle books.

3.  Timed Writing Prompts.

Themed writing prompts are always a good option.
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Timed writing prompts are an excellent way to not only get better at writing creatively, but also an excellent way of getting better at writing efficiently and effectively whilst being creative.

This is an excellent skill to have as it will mean you can start and finish your Kindle book faster than ever before and produce more brilliant content than you previously could.

4. Long Writing Prompts.

Long writing prompts have unique benefits.
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Long writing prompts are an excellent way of you learning how to really take complex ideas and turn them into something creative, interesting and dynamic.

5.  Super Short Writing Prompts.

Short writing prompts have their place.
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Conversely, short writing prompts are really effective in helping you think openly and freely and really give your imagination free reign as the shorter writing prompts are often quite vague and open-ended, giving your mind space to really let loose. Short writing prompts like this do wonders for your creativity and will help you in your Kindle book writing more than you might think.

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