8 Ways To Create More Memorable Characters for Your Kindle Book.

Strong, interesting, memorable characters are the backbone of any good Kindle book. But how to create, compelling characters that spring to life and not lifeless ones that are quickly forgotten? In this article I’m going to break down the main ways you can create winning characters for your next literary masterpiece. 1.   Develop detailed character […]

5 Ways to Write Your Kindle Book When You’re on the Move

Just because you’re on the move doesn’t mean you can’t work on your Kindle book. Sure, it is a little more tricky, but just imagine how much further along you could be with your Kindle book if you could unlock some of the travel time and use it to write. In this article, I’m going […]

8 Ways To Stay Motivated As A Writer

how to improve motivation when writing

Maintaining motivation as a writer can be really tricky sometimes. The task of writing a book is often very difficult and mentally challenging, and once the book has been launched there’s a tonne of marketing, networking and customer service required to turn the book into a success, which can drain authors of their motivation. And […]

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