4 Ways to Improve Your Typing Speed To Finish Your Kindle Book Faster!

improve your typing speed

Often authors mistakenly think that the speed they are typing their Kindle book at now is the speed they are forever stuck with, but its not so.

There are a handful of tried and tested ways you can dramatically improve your typing speed and with it the speed at which you complete book chapters.

Improving your typing speed will get your book finished and on the Kindle store faster than ever.

So, lets explore the main ways you can achieve this…

1. Practice, A lot.

Practicing is one of the best ways of dramatically improving your typing speed.
Image Source: SkitterPhoto via Pexels

There is no way around this one. One of the best ways of getting better at typing is by typing a lot more. The goal is to be typing fluidly and effortlessly without having to look down at the keyboard at all, commonly referred to as touch typing.

Once you are at the touch-typing stage, it’s just a case of doing more and more of it, with the aim of continuously improving your WPM (words per minute) rate. We highly recommend you finding a nice long passage of text online and displaying it beside your word processor and typing the passage out into the word processor without looking at the keyboard.

A task like this will really work on improving your touch-typing ability and thus typing speed and accuracy. Before you know it, you will be churning out chapters of your Kindle book in record time.

2. Improve Your Posture.

Improving your posture goes a long way in improving your typing speed.
Image Source: Preston Goff via Unsplash

Posture plays a big role in how fast and accurately you can type. A lot of people are unaware, but there is an optimum height and distance from you your laptop/computer screen should be. The desk, chair, and computer/laptop should all be adjusted until that optimum is reached.

Once it is, you should be able to type more comfortably for longer periods of time, which will go a long way in improving typing speed and accuracy and will mean your Kindle book will be finished sooner than you think.

3. Invest in An Ergonomic Keyboard.

Investing in a high quality ergonomic keyboard can really boost your typing speed.
Image Source: Saumil Kumar via Pexels

The actual keyboard you use makes a big difference to typing speed and accuracy. To really improve your typing speed and accuracy you need to invest in an ergonomic keyboard which is one designed to work with your hands as opposed to against them, resulting in more fluid, frictionless and painless typing. The result? Faster and more accurate typing.

4. Invest in Typing Tools and Software.

Software like Ratatype can help you dramatically improve your typing speed.
Image Source: Ratatype.com

Investing in tools and software that are designed to improve your typing speed and accuracy is also a good idea. Some of the most popular software products in this area is Typsey and Ratatype. We recommend you trying a few and sticking with the one that you feel is most positively impacting your typing speed and accuracy and most helping you finishing that Kindle book faster.

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