8 Ways To Create More Memorable Characters for Your Kindle Book.

Strong, interesting, memorable characters are the backbone of any good Kindle book. But how to create, compelling characters that spring to life and not lifeless ones that are quickly forgotten? In this article I'm going to break down the main ways you can create winning characters for your next literary masterpiece.

1.   Develop detailed character backstories.

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One of the best to create more memorable characters for your Kindle book is to spend significant time creating interesting and detailed backstories for the most important characters in the book to give them more depth and presence and make them more memorable to the reader.

2. Think hard about what your character looks like.

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Think hard about what your characters look like. Spend time thinking about notable facial features they have and the sorts of clothes that they wear. 

Once you have a clear idea of what they look like in your mind, write it down and keep these things front of mind when writing about the characters in the book. The more detailed your description of your character's appearance in your book, the more memorable they will be to your readers.

3.  Think hard about what your character sounds like.

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This is something that often gets overlooked but is important when it comes to making your Kindle book characters more memorable. Think about what the main characters sound like and try and weave this information into the book. 

This will build great depth to your characters as your readers will often read the characters dialogue in the voice that you explain that they sound like, making the characters more memorable.

4.   Write down your characters main personality traits.

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It’s important for you to think about the key personality traits your main characters have and keep this at the top of your mind when writing, and, use different literary techniques to bring out these personalities from the characters in your writing. 

Characters that have unique and well-defined personality traits are often a lot more memorable.

5.   Draw your characters.

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This one sounds a bit outlandish but really works. Drawing your main characters will help you visualise them more effectively and better clarify their defining characteristics. 

This will make it easier for you to communicate these characteristics in your writing and thus make your characters more memorable. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be good at drawing for this technique to be effective.

6.    Use inspiration from the world around you.

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Another way of making your Kindle book characters more memorable is by taking inspiration from the world around you and using this inspiration to shape and mould your main characters. We recommend visiting capital cities and airports, both of which attract a large number of diverse and interesting people. 

The more interesting people you observe and engage with, the more material you will have to draw from when it comes to creating compelling, memorable book characters.

7. Use inspiration from other books.

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In addition to using inspiration from the world around you, another great way of getting inspiration and finding out how to make your characters more compelling and memorable is to really pay attention to how characters are portrayed in books that are known for having very memorable characters. 

You will start to see patterns and techniques that are used over and over again to make characters memorable in other books and would be wise to adopt some of the same tried and tested techniques for your own book.

8.  Use inspiration from other media.

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Finally, another great source of character inspiration are TV shows, film and theatre. We recommend you pay close attention to how the most memorable characters within notable TV shows and films are developed and take notes with a view to using some of these techniques for your own Kindle book to create some unforgettable characters.

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