8 Ways To Stay Motivated As A Writer

how to improve motivation when writing

Maintaining motivation as a writer can be really tricky sometimes. The task of writing a book is often very difficult and mentally challenging, and once the book has been launched there’s a tonne of marketing, networking and customer service required to turn the book into a success, which can drain authors of their motivation.

And of course, I haven’t even mentioned non-book life commitments like your day job or family life that can add to the burden and deplete your motivation.

But there are a handful of tried and true ways of boosting and maintaining higher levels of motivation for your Kindle book and I have covered them below.

1. Write Down The Reasons WHY You Started Writing.

Find out your "why" to motivate you when you're writing your Kindle book.
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Well known motivational speakers and gurus like Tony Robbins have long extolled the transformative motivational power of knowing why you are doing something, and they have a point.

Exploring the main reasons why you started writing and reminding yourself of these reasons when things inevitably get tough can help you push through those times and give you the mental energy and motivation you need to continue.

2. Set Small Daily Goals and Broad Weekly and Monthly Goals.

Set long and short term goals to improve your motivation when writing.
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Humans are naturally goal-orientated creatures, and we are best motivated when we not only have large, ambitious, exciting long term goals, but also interesting but achievable short term goals.

Having both short term and long term goals set up properly means you will have something to aim for on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis, creating a constant source of motivation.

3. Switch Up Your Environment.

Adjusting your environment can go a long way in improving your motivation.
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Our environment has a massive impact on not only our physical wellbeing but also our emotional wellbeing, which includes our levels of motivation.

Putting yourself in a positive, uplifting and comfortable environment will likely work wonders for your motivation levels.

4. Get Out In Nature.

Connecting with nature can really boost your motivation.
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We weren’t designed to sit on a chair behind a desk, staring at a wall all day, we were designed to be in nature. The internet is brimming with examples of people getting a burst of motivation for life and their goals after reconnecting with nature.

This doesn’t mean you have to sell your house and move to a log cabin in the woods. Visiting a natural park or green land for even an hour a week has the power to help you reflect on your life, your goals and your writing and give you a renewed sense of motivation.

5. Watch Inspirational YouTube Videos.

Watching inspirational YouTube videos can give you a renewed sense of motivation.
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There is more to YouTube than cat videos. There are some brilliant motivational YouTube channels that have fascinating rags to riches stories and compilations of quotes and lessons from successful entrepreneurs, sports people, actors, and of course, authors.

I'm confident these videos will give you the jolt of motivation you need to get things moving in the right direction. I recommend the channels Motiversity, Even Charmicheal and MotivationHub.

6. Listen To Uplifting And Energising Music.

Listen to uplifting and energising music to motivate you for your Kindle writing project.
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I highly recommend you listening to uplifting energising music to give your motivation levels a top up. It could be techno or jazz, whatever you are in the mood for, just make sure it’s not a slow love ballad.

If you are stuck for artist/song names, I highly recommend checking out some uplifting/energising YouTube music or Spotify playlists.

7. Read Writer Success Stories.

Read success stories from other writers to motivate you.
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As a writer, I believe nothing could be more motivational than reading vivid stories of other writers that have overcome great adversity and struggle on their road to achieving writing success.

J.K Rowling and George Orwell are examples that spring to mind. Reading their stories and learning about what inspired and motivated them when they were feeling low should go a long way in inspiring you when you are running low on juice.

8. Follow Inspirational High Achieving Writers.

Follow inspirational writers to motivate you.
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I highly recommend you follow inspirational, high achieving writers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.

Following writers that are putting out positive energy and tips will go a long way in lifting your spirits and provide you with the much-needed motivation you need for you to continue with your writer journey.

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