5 Ways to Use the Pomodoro Technique to Maintain Motivation & Write More Efficiently.

Keeping motivation and productivity high, consistently is a tough task when writing your Kindle book. Life is unpredictable and some days you just feel better than others. But what if I told you there was a simple, straightforward technique you could use to make productive writing sessions a more regular occurrence? Read on to find out more…

1.   Decide on the writing task to be done.

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Before anything, you need to decide clearly on the writing task that needs to be completed. It could be two pages of your book, proofreading a chapter of the book or writing a draft of your book blurb.

Whatever it is, make sure you are 100 per cent clear about what the task is, and choose a task that you are confident could be done in 25 minutes or less, or alternatively, a discrete part of a larger task that you are confident you can do in 25 minutes or less.

2. Set the timer to 25 minutes.

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Once you have the task super clear in your mind then you need to set a timer for 25 minutes. This could be a conventional egg timer or your smartphone or laptop/computer timer. It is important that the timer is set to precisely 25 minutes and is set to go off after 25 minutes to signal that time passing.

3.  Work without stopping for 25 minutes.

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Once you have started the 25-minute timer, the goal is to work consistently, without taking a break, for 25 minutes on the task you have decided on. The principle is that the finite time you have carved out will cause your mind to focus on the task a lot more effectively.

4.   Take a 5-minute break.

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Once you have completed the 25 minutes of constant work without stopping, it is now time to take a well-deserved 5-minute break. But ensure the break really is 5 minutes and doesn’t spillover. Once you reach the end of your 5-minute break, congratulations, you have just completed one Pomodoro.

5.  After 4 Pomodoro’s (2 hours) take a longer 15-30-minute break.

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After you have completed the first Pomodoro, then we recommend you get right onto the second one, and then the third. Once you have done 4 Pomodoro’s (2 hours) you will be astounded at how much work you will have done related to your Kindle book, without feeling so worn out and tired, as, you were able to take short and restorative breaks in between.

After 4 Pomodoro’s (2 hours) it is recommended you take a longer break of 25-30 minutes. We recommend doing something relaxing and leisurely that has nothing to do with the tasks you have been doing, preferably outside, during this break.

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