6 Ways of Finding and Securing Speaking Engagements as A Kindle Author

Finding and securing high quality speaking engagements to promote your books and your author brand is not a simple task. It requires carefully planning and perseverance, but it can be done and when it is achieved it really is worth it.

In this article I am going to break down the main ways you can go about securing speaking engagements for your Kindle business.

1.   Find events/conferences close to where you live.

Themed writing prompts are an excellent way of sharpening writing skills for Kindle books.
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One of the best ways of finding speaking engagements as a Kindle author is to go online and search for events and conferences that are close to where you live that either closely or broadly surround the topic/genre your book. If you can’t find any that are relevant that are really close by then it would be a good idea to widen your search to a bigger geographical location.

Once you have found a handful that are suited to you, then it’s a case of reaching out to them with a unique, compelling and persuasive pitch.

2.  Go to events and speak to organisers and attendees.

Picking at random is an excellent way of getting things moving.
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Another good way of successfully securing speaking engagements as a Kindle author is to actually attend relevant events. Not only will this help you get a better feel of the event to hone your pitch to the event, often these events are also attended by the event organisers, so there is the chance of you delivering this more honed pitch to them at the actual event. This may be more convincing than you just emailing them your pitch, as you being there shows them that you are genuinely interested and engaged in the event.

3.  Host your own local event.

Themed writing prompts are always a good option.
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An alternative to securing a speaking engagement for your Kindle book at an event/conference is to set up your own local event.

This will work better for authors that already have a strong following or a substantial amount to spend for event venue hire, organisation and marketing. With this option though you will guarantee a speaking engagement for yourself.

4. Host Your Own Panel Discussion.

Long writing prompts have unique benefits.
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An alternative to hosting your own local event would be hosting your own local panel discussion about something that is closely or broadly related to the topic/genre of your book.

The good thing about a panel discussion is that it can work even if you are not a really well known/prominent author or have a big marketing budget, as the idea is that the marketing and promotion duties are distributed evenly between all the authors on the panel, so you are pooling together reach and funds when it comes to marketing.

5.  Reach Out To Book Clubs.

Short writing prompts have their place.
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Book clubs often hold regular sessions where they allow authors to speak about a specific topic or set of topics, and if you come across a book club you like that doesn’t, then there is a good chance you will be able to convince them to introduce this element.

The great thing about book clubs is that you have a ready-made audience of enthusiastic and engaged readers that will be highly likely to really pay attention when you’re speaking.

5.  Find out which events similar Kindle authors have spoken at

Short writing prompts have their place.
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Another great way of finding events to speak at to promote your Kindle book is to conduct some research into which events/conferences your competitors or authors your admire have spoken.

You should then reach out to the relevant venues with a tailored pitch explaining who you are, what your book is about, why you would be a good fit for a speaking engagement at their event and crucially what value you can add for the attendees.

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