5 Ways To Write Better Amazon Kindle Book Listing Descriptions.

Your Kindle listing book description has a huge impact on your Kindle sales. The more interesting, engaging, useful and persuasive your Kindle book description is, the more likely you will be to convert a higher proportion of visitors to customers.

Often authors are overwhelmed when it comes to writing their Kindle book description, as they find a big open, blank space staring back at them and don’t know how to fill it.

But there are a few tried and tested tips you can follow to ensure you craft a winning product description that drives sales for your Kindle business.

1. Read A lot of Kindle Book Descriptions.

Reading a lot of Kindle book listing descriptions will help you understand what makes a good description.
Image Source: Amazon.com

One of the best ways of writing better Kindle book listing descriptions is to take the time and read a large volume of Kindle book listing descriptions on the Amazon site, especially books that are in your genre/topic. This exposure will enable you to get a strong grasp of what makes a compelling, effective description which will help you tremendously when writing your own.

2. Concentrate On The First 2 Lines.

Focus on the first 2 lines when writing your Kindle product listing description.
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Focusing on the first two lines of your Kindle book listing description is absolutely crucial. Many people often make a judgment on whether they should read the rest of your listing description and from there whether they should buy your book, based on the first two lines of your description.

Those two lines are the gateway into the rest of your listing, so treat them with extra care. Work hard to make them interesting, engaging and intriguing.

3. Use Review Snippets.

Don't forget about review snippets when writing your Kindle book listing description.
Image Source: Amazon.com

Review snippets are incredibly popular in Kindle product descriptions, and for good reason, they work! Having snippets in your description from reviews you have gotten from other prominent reviewers and publications is a way to quickly build strong credibility and is very persuasive, especially if you are a relatively unknown author.

4. Write In The Third Person.

Write your Kindle book listing description in the third person.
Image Source: Aaron Burden via Unsplash.

Writing in the third person is the standard form for Kindle book listing descriptions. It provides a strong sense of professionalism and credibility and is what most Kindle customers have come to expect when reading a Kindle product description.

We often encourage authors to think outside of the box in many aspects of Kindle marketing and promotion, however, there are some tried and true principles that should be adhered to and are there for good reason. Writing your Kindle product description in the third person is one of them!

5. Edit Based On Real Life Feedback.

You should edit your listing description based on real life feedback.
Image Source: Christin Hume via Unsplash.

After writing your Kindle book listing description, it’s very important to get feedback on it from as many sources as possible, be that close friends and family, other authors, professional book reviewers or Amazon selling coaches.

The more feedback you get, the better. Most likely, you will quickly notice a pattern, in that more than one person will make the same comment/criticism.

And it’s important to make edits based on these comments in order to refine your Kindle product description and make it the most compelling, interesting and engaging it can be.

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