5 Ways to Use Online Display Ads to Promote Your Kindle Book and Make More Sales.

Online display ads are almost as old as the web itself, and whilst they aren’t quite as effective as they used to be in their first year on the web, they are still a tried and true way of generating engagement and sales for your Kindle book business.

In this article I’m going to breakdown 5 ways you can use online display ads to drive sales for your Kindle business.

1.  Decide on the display ad messaging and design.

Doing your research is the essential first step.
Image Source: Scott Graham via Unsplash

We recommend you spend a good amount of time working out the messaging and design you would like your display ads to have. If you are stuck for inspiration, we recommend having a look at previously run display ads from publishing companies and other authors that are in your book niche. You can find lots of display ad inspiration on Google Images, Pinterest as well as advertising inspiration sites.

Remember that both the display ad copy and design have to be incredibly punchy and engaging in order to catch an online visitor’s attention as they are bombarded with display ads online.

2.  Display ad design.

Deciding on the right prize can make or break things.
Image Source: Alice Dietrich via Unsplash

Once you have decided on the display ad copy and design you would like you then you need to decide whether you want your display ads to run on mobile or desktop or both. We recommend both.

Once this has been decided you then have two main options. Either hire a professional designer to design the display ads or design them yourself.

If you take the first option then you can find plenty of talented designers via one of the major freelance platforms like Upwork or PeoplePerHour.

If you decide on the second option and are not a design whizz then we recommend platforms like Canva which have lots of display ad design templates you can build from using their intuitive easy to use online design tool.

3.  Find target publications.

Details are crucially important when constructing a competition.
Image Source: Christine Hume via Unsplash

Once you have a gorgeous set of display ads ready to go the next thing to do is find target publications that have an audience of your target market and that offer display ad placements that are within your budget.

There are several ways to do this;

–          Manually – This involves you doing a series of online searches to find publications that meet the criteria above and then reaching out to them with an advertising enquiry.

–          Small Ad platform – There are ad platforms out there like BuySellAds which bring together publications and advertisers. BuySellAds contains a large number of publications, across multiple topics/niches with their display ad rates publicly displayed. This saves you the time of trying to find relevant publications via Google Searches and negotiating rates with each site manually for those that don’t have them publicly displayed.

–          Google Display Ads – Google is the major player in the display advertising space and offer a much more automated system. If going down this route you can just set a budget and the target demographics and Google will intelligently place your display ads across relevant pages on relevant sites and will only charge when someone clicks on your ad. You can also set it to target specific websites if you want to.

4. Budget.

You have to take great effort to ensure that your competition is enticing to as many people as possible.
Image Source: JP Valery via Unsplash

Once you have decided on which route to take above, then it’s crucial that you have a strong budget in mind. It is important to have a clear budget from the offset as if you don’t you might fall into the trap of spending more than you initially intended to.

5.  Seal the deal.

Ensure the competition copy suits the medium.
Image Source: Rupixen.com via Unsplash

Once all the above is in place then it’s time to commit your budget and seal the deal.

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