3 Ways of Creating A Quiet And Peaceful Environment to Write In.

Competitions are an excellent way of driving more sales for your Kindle business. Not sure how? Well, then, stick around and I will show you how you can use competitions to really move the needle for your Kindle business in a short space of time.

1.  Find the perfect place.

Doing your research is the essential first step.
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If you want true peace and quiet in order to make faster progress with writing your Kindle masterpiece then, arguably, nothing is more important than finding a place that is as close to as completely peaceful and quiet as possible. This is easier said than done in a busy town or city.

Assuming your home isn’t quiet and peaceful enough for you then…

We highly recommend you going online and searching out large libraries with quiet study areas or small parks in suburban areas. These options will work better than independent coffee shops if you are searching for true peace and quiet.

Another way of finding the calmest and quiet place possible close to you is to reach out to other local authors and students. They will often have the same requirements as you and thus will have probably come across little known quiet places close to you and would likely be more than happy to share the location of their quiet and calm place with you, assuming that they trust you enough to not disrupt the silence.

2.  Let people know ahead of time so they don’t contact you.

Deciding on the right prize can make or break things.
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When you have found your quiet and peaceful place then it’s very important that you block out some solid timeto spend there, and crucially, that you let friends and family know not to get in touch with you during this blocked out time unless it is very urgent. There is no use going to your quiet place and having your phone ringing and buzzing incessantly.

3.  Bring earplugs & headphones.

Details are crucially important when constructing a competition.
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If you really want to ensure peace and quiet then we highly recommend you invest in a high-quality pair of earplugs or noise-canceling headphones and bring them with you to your newly found quiet and peaceful place.

This will ensure you can block out any unexpected sounds that may arise even in the quiet and peaceful place you have found.

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