4 Ways to Use Flyers to Promote Your Kindle Book and Make More Sales

When it comes to offline marketing, flyers are a really effective way of you promoting your Kindle book in a way that is impactful and grabs attention. In this article we’re going to break down the main ways you can use flyers to generate and uplift in sales for your Kindle business.

1.   Leave flyers in busy local businesses.

Leaving flyers in busy local areas is an excellent way of promoting your Kindle business.
Image Source: Wade Austin Ellis via Unsplash

A really good way of getting a large volume of people to take notice of and pick up your flyers promoting your Kindle book is to leave them in busy shops, salons, cafes and restaurants that get a lot of foot traffic. Be sure to get the permission of the person in charge of the business before doing so though.

2. Have them displayed in business windows.

Having your flyers displayed in busy shop windows can help drive an uplift in sales.
Image Source: Mike Pettruci via Unsplash

In addition to leaving the flyers in prominent areas inside busy shops, salons, cafes and restaurants, a way of capturing the attention of the people that walk past the business but don’t go in is by getting the owner of the business to display your flyer in their window. Of course, some businesses will not oblige, so be prepared to ask quite a few businesses before you get a good number of flyers in windows.

3.  High traffic area handouts.

Handing out flyers in busy areas like high streets is a good idea.
Image Source: Jay Wennington via Unsplash

A really good way of generating buzz, and potentially sales for your Kindle book within the local area is to distribute flyers within a high traffic area like a shopping mall or outside a busy high street or supermarket. You can either do this yourself or pay someone to do this for you.

4. Door to door distribution.

Door to door distribution of flyers is a tried and tested method.
Image Source: Liv Cashman via Unsplash

An ever-popular and effective way of generating attention and sales for your Kindle book within the local area is to distribute flyers to individual houses. You can either do this yourself or pay someone to do it. In the interest of time and/or cost, we recommend you focus on the areas of your town/city or neighbouring towns/cities that you believe have the highest proportion of avid book readers and specifically readers that would be interested in the genre of your Kindle book.

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