4 Ways of Getting Previous Customers to Give You Useful Feedback.

Getting previous customers to provide useful feedback is a task that is easier than it looks. People are notoriously reluctant to provide feedback, but, fret not, there are a handful of solid ways of getting some useful feedback from your previous customers.

1.   Make Them Feel That It's Safe For Them To Be Honest.

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One of the most important things that you need to do in order to get detailed, honest and useful feedback from previous customers that you can use to improve your writing and subsequent books is to make it clear to them that it is safe for them to be completely honest and open with you and that there will be no negative consequences for their radical transparency and honesty. They need to feel that you will not react negatively or harshly to any criticisms they may have.

2. Provide Them With A Structured Questionnaire.

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In addition to making them feel safe and giving them lots of space to provide their feedback, it may also be useful for you to create a clear, concise and structured questionnaire that they can fill out to provide their feedback of your Kindle book(s). Often customers want to give feedback but don’t know where to start, and the ones that do, often leave short responses.

A well-structured questionnaire will pull responses out of them that you otherwise would not get, as, generally, it is easier for someone to respond to a question than to provide feedback without any prompt or guide.

3.  Provide An Incentive.

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It may be useful for you to provide a small incentive to your previous customers in order to get more and/or higher quality feedback. In 2020, people are bombarded from multiple companies asking for reviews and feedback, so incentivising them will help you stand out and compel these people to provide their feedback to you as opposed to another author or company.

4.   Make Them Realise How Important Their Contribution Is.

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A really good way of encouraging past customers to share their thoughts with you about their Kindle purchase is by really emphasising to them how important and valued their contribution would be and how much it would help you.

Often doing this really compels people to not only provide feedback, but to provide more detailed and useful feedback. This is the sort of feedback you would be able to use to improve your writing overall, as well as your next Kindle book.

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