7 Ways To Market Your Book On Instagram

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For a long time authors thought that Instagram was not a relevant or serious platform for them to use to promote their book and build their author brand. This could not be further from the truth. In 2020, all demographics are actively using Instagram, which means, you target market is on Instagram and engaging.

The authors that understand Instagram and have learnt how to harness its power as a branding, marketing and sales tool are driving exposure and sales for themselves and their Kindle books.

I am going to break down how you too can make the most of Instagram for your author brand and Kindle books.

1. Post Consistently.

Posting consistently is one of the best ways of seeing results from Instagram
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One of the main ways to market your Kindle book on Instagram successfully is to post consistently on your Instagram page. This could be twice a day, once a day or once a week. But try and make it not less than once a week.

The more you post, the higher the chance of your target market coming across one or more of your posts, especially if you have optimised them well with your description and hashtags.

2. Make Engaging Eye-Catching Custom Images.

Images make or break your Instagram marketing efforts.
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Instagram is an image-heavy social network, so to really market your book effectively on the platform, you need to invest time and effort into either creating custom images yourself or getting someone to create them.

Creating social media images yourself is a task made a lot easier by using simple online design tools like Canva that provide gorgeous Instagram image templates. If you have the budget, however, we recommend getting a professional social media designer to produce your Instagram images, which will give your book the maximum chance of standing out.

3. Use Hashtags

Use hashtags to drive traffic to your Instagram posts to promote your Kindle book.
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Hashtags are one of the primary ways Instagram users find new content to engage with and thus new pages to follow. Use Instagramā€™s search feature to find hashtags that have a high search volume that are relevant to your book genre/topic and be sure to use these hashtags when posting images on your page.

We recommend a combination of broad, super popular hashtags as well as less popular, but highly relevant, niche hashtags. This combination should give you the best chance of reaching as much of your target market as possible, per post.

4. Launch Competitions.

Launching competitions is a great way to improve your Instagram following and engagement levels.
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Competitions are a really effective way of engaging with your audience as well as getting them to spread the message about your book to other potential buyers.

When launching the competition, be sure to make the prize something attractive enough for people to want to enter, and also ensure that them sharing the post is a requirement for entering. Doing this will help you gain more exposure for your Instagram page, and thus your book, among the relevant target market.

5. Utilize Influencers.

Utilizing Instagram influencers can help drive awareness and sales for your Kindle books from your target market.
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Influencers are an incredible way of harnessing the power of Instagram to not only generate more engagement and followers for your page, but, crucially, to generate a higher volume of sales for your book.

The main way to make sure influencer marketing is done well on a reasonable budget is to carefully select influencers that you strongly think have a follower base that will be interested in buying your book and making sure the influencers you select are not super popular with millions of followers, as those influencers will tend to price their promotional posts quite highly.

To find suitable influencers, you can do the research manually via Instagram or by using one of the many Instagram influencer research tools and platforms on the market to filter down until you find the perfect influencers to promote your book

6. Run Paid Instagram Ads.

Running paid Instagram ads allow you drive traffic and sales in the shortest period of time on Instagram.
Image Source: Karolina Grabowska via Pexels.

A really effective way of generating more sales for your book from Instagram is to run paid Instagram ads.

You can ensure you run effective ads without spending too much money by doing the research to ensure your targeting is precise and that the ad designs are attractive and persuasive, compelling people to click on them and purchase your book.

7. Follow And Comment On Posts From Your Target Market.

Simple engagement tasks from you can yield big results over time.
Image Source: CottonBro via Pexels

A really simple but often highly effective way of generating more engagement for your Instagram page as well as driving more traffic from Instagram to purchase your book is by finding relevant people that you deem would be interested in your book and providing positive/useful and non-spammy comments on their posts, and if they engage with you, letting them know about your book.

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