5 Ways To Write Better Book Blurbs.

how to write a winning Kindle book blurb

After the book cover, the book blurb is one of the major areas that potential customers focus their attention to build up a picture of what your book is about and, importantly, whether it’s a book they will find interesting and exciting.

So, if you’re thinking you should dedicate big time to that small blurb, then you’re absolutely right.

In this article I am going to outline how to go about crafting a winning book blurb that will your potential customers excited, intrigued and that much closer to buying your Kindle book.

1. Read Lots of Examples.

Read lots of book blurbs to get a strong idea how to write a perfect one.
Image Source: Leah Kelley via Pexels.

One of the most effective ways of writing a better book blurb is to read a tonne of them. It’s only by getting exposure to a large number of book blurbs that you will you start to really get a feel of what makes a good one as you will inevitably start to see patterns and certain elements that all the popular ones have in common.

After soaking up a large volume of book blurbs, you will find writing yours becomes a lot easier.

2. Focus on Enticing, Not Summarising.

Don't fall into the trap of summarising when writing your book blurb.
Image Source: Karolina Grabowska via Pexels.

One of the most common mistakes when writing a book blurb is falling into the trap of summarising the book, this often does very little to actually want to make the reader buy your book. Instead of summarising, focus on enticing.

We recommend you using a variety of literary techniques to tease the reader and pique their interest, enticing them to want to buy and read the whole book.

3. Impose A Word Limit

Have a word limit in mind when writing your blurb.
Image Source: Donatello Trisolino via Pexels.

Book blurbs are meant to be short and sweet. They are supposed to engage, interest and intrigue the reader enough for them to want to buy your book and consume it.

Having a hard word limit is absolutely essential to achieving this. We highly recommend you shoot for anywhere between 150-250 words.

4. Write In The Present Tense, Third-Person

Try and write your book blurb in the present tense third person.
Image Source: Lisa Fotios via PixaBay

Present tense, third person is a format that readers have come to expect from blurbs as it’s the format that blurbs are written in most of the time, so we recommend following this template.

Don’t forget, it’s the words used and literary techniques deployed within this present tense, third-person template which is what will set your blurb apart from the others.

5. Use A Little Hyperbole

Use a little bit of hyperbole when writing your Kindle book blurb.
Image Source: Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels.

Most of the time hyperbole is a bad idea, a book blurb, however, is an exception to that rule. We recommend using hyperbole, but sparingly and not taking it too far, and of course, not if it leads to any misleading statements or claims.

After the front cover, the blurb is one of the key things readers use to decide whether to invest time and money into your book, you don’t want to sell yourself short.

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