What Makes Good Content?

Writing content to help boost your business is a smart choice. Fresh content on your website will keep Google rewarding you. Posting blogs and other pieces of content on your social media pages will keep your customers engaged. Writing excellent marketing campaigns that catch the attention of new customers and extend your reach will help bring new blood to your business and keep you ever-growing. 

However, all of the above only works if the content you write is good. It’s all too easy to just churn out blog posts, how-to guides, newsletters and so on without putting much effort into them, but if you hope to make your content successful, you need to put more thought into it than that.

So what can you do to ensure that every piece of content you produce and publish is hitting the mark? Follow these useful tips.

Make sure it’s original

Unique content is important. If you just lift ideas and text from another website, then Google can penalize you for this, and you might well bore your readers who’ve heard it all before too. Of course original doesn’t just mean ‘no plagiarism’ it also means striving to come up with content that says something new, and excites your readers and motivates them to share it, and engage with it. If you are repeating the same tired old points over and over, no one is going to listen to you – why should they?

Use strong headlines

A compelling headline is imperative if you want to entice your target readers in. When people are scrolling through their feeds, a catchy headline is what will make them pause and decide if they wish to know more. The more enticing and exciting you can make your headline, the more likely people will click on your links. 

Create content that’s valuable and can be used right away

Content needs to be considered valuable for readers to want to act upon it. If you do your research and create targeted content that specifically addresses particular customer problems, this will prove its worth. Making your content actionable, i.e., able to be applied immediately will also help to generate a sense of urgency and immediacy, which will increase its popularity. 

Back up your claims

Whether you are writing a thought-provoking blog post or a snazzy sales pitch, if you are making a particular claim about something, you need to be able to back this up with proper referencing or at least be confident that what you are saying isn’t a load of nonsense. If you are making a claim about your products or services, having some cold hard stats in there or at least a rave review or two will also help you appear more trustworthy and provide the social proofing necessary to inspire more customers to give you a try. 

Use headings, images, and videos

Make your text visually exciting by breaking it up with headings, bullet points, and the like. Adding a relevant, eye-catching image or video can also help to capture more people’s attention and give your content a bit of oomph. 

By following the above tips, you can ensure your content is engaging, valuable, and eye-catching. So next time you are thinking about writing a piece of content for your business, make sure to keep these in mind.

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