How to Revamp Your Business to Business Content Strategy

Every business marketer knows that having a strong content marketing strategy is imperative. When it comes to B2B marketing; however, this can be particularly tricky. 

There are many great opportunities to sell your business products and services to other businesses. However, whatever industry you are in, the marketplace is undoubtedly becoming increasingly competitive. That’s why making sure you understand how to produce insightful, targeted, effective B2B content will see you race ahead of your competitors and that your business continues to go from strength to strength.

So what can you do to create a robust and powerful B2B content strategy? Here are some helpful tips:

Find out what your audience cares about

Rather than pushing your business values upon your audience, you first should focus on discovering what it is they care about and align your content to fit in with that. The content you provide needs to be of value; it needs to inform, entertain, to answer questions, and solve problems. By providing such content, you not only showcase your expertise but also build trust, which will increase the likelihood of engagement. 

Use social listening

Discover how your business and brand are viewed on social media, and what’s being said about you. If people have unanswered questions, you need to answer them. Don’t shy away from difficult topics and be brave with the content that you provide. Tackle challenging questions, provide new and innovative solutions, think outside the box, and bring something genuinely unique and exciting into the ring. 

Do your keyword research

Spending time carefully researching your keywords and targeting ones that will work best for your business is imperative. It can be all too easy to think that those words with the highest search volumes are the ones you should be aiming for, but this isn’t always the case. Long-tail keywords and those that are more location-specific can help you stay competitive. Once you’ve got a list of keywords, you want to target, you should combine reworking your existing content as well as creating fresh new content for maximum effect. 

Go in-depth

While the rule used to be that short and sweet was best, times have changed, and now more in-depth articles seem to be rewarded more highly on Google. In fact, the average word count for a Google first page result is over 1800 words. While breaking your text up with headings, bullet points, and summaries is a great idea, make sure you also provide enough content that means you have really explored the topic and given more information than others may have done. 

Using these ways to enhance your content marketing strategy will help boost your B2B marketing and help your business grow.

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