7 Ways of Using Podcast Interviews to Promote Your Kindle Book.

Podcast interviews are an excellent, but relatively underutilised way of raising awareness of your author brand and driving sales of your Kindle books.

However, getting into the world of podcast interviews, can, understandably, be a little overwhelming for a lot of authors.

That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to breakdown precisely what you need to do to land and successfully execute podcast interviews.

1.  Find Podcasts You Think Are A Good Fit.

Finding podcasts you think are a good fit is crucially important.
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First and foremost, you need to find podcasts that are a good fit for your book. Podcasts with a good size active audience that are about the topic or genre of your book are the most desirable. Thankfully, there are lots of podcast platforms that have well categorised and organised podcast libraries that you can use to find podcasts that are a good fit. These include iTunes and Stitcher.

2.  Do Your Research.

Do your research is critically important to the success of your podcast interview efforts.
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Once you have identified a handful of podcasts that are a strong fit, it’s then absolutely crucial that you listen to at least 20 minutes of each of the podcasts so you get a real feel of the podcasts style and tone. This is very important, as once you have an idea of the style/tone you can present your pitch (point below) in a tone/style that will resonate with them which will increase the probability of you securing an interview.

3.  Prepare your pitch.

Preparation is key to ensuring the podcast interview goes for you as you want it to.
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Once you have selected your podcast shortlist and done your initial research, it’s now time to prepare your pitch. You should make sure that the pitch to each podcast is completely unique and each one is written in a way that would most appeal to that specific podcast, in a tone/style you feel will resonate with them. This is where all your research in point 2 will come in handy.

4. Follow the instructions on making contact.

Make sure you contact podcast hosts in the way they have stipulated you should.
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Once you have your pitch ready to send, it is very important that you send it in the way that the podcast has requested. Most podcasts are inundated with pitches so failing to meet their initial criteria on how to send it to them will likely result on your pitch not even being read.

5.  Respond Punctually.

Responding punctually is very important when trying to land interview oppertunities.
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Assuming the criticism isn’t just a rare out of place comment from a bitter or disgruntled customer or competitor, then the best way to see criticism is as valuable feedback and advice on how to improve your work in order to satisfy a higher proportion of your customer base in the future.

You need to remember that even the most famous, celebrated and prolific authors get criticism online and in-person from readers and professional reviewers alike. The best authors among them use the comments to learn and improve from.

6.  Schedule The Feature/Interview.

Scheduling the interview correctly is of paramount importance.
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Once you have come to an agreement with a podcast then it’s time to formally agree to a time and date for the podcast interview. Be sure to write this down and set yourself reminders as the last thing you want is to miss it! Some podcasts will also provide you with the interview questions they are going to ask you ahead of time, at this stage.

7.  Showtime!

Always be authentic in an interview.
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After everything has been scheduled all that is left to do is for you to prepare for your podcast feature/interview. Remember! Be natural and be yourself when you are on the podcast. People can sense fake, and authenticity always wins and is the most convincing. You will always win more fans and sales, over the long term, by being authentic.

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