5 Ways to Get Valuable Early Feedback on Your Kindle Book.

The right piece of feedback can really transform your Kindle book for the better and implementing the right advice at the right time can really be the difference between success and failure in many cases.

But, how do you go about getting useful, thoughtful, actionable advice?

Well, it’s not as difficult as you might think and I’m going to cover the main ways in this article today.

1. Reach Out To Friends And Family.

Reaching out to friends and family can be an excellent way of getting valuable feedback on your book.
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One of the best ways to get early feedback on your Kindle book is to provide it to friends and family. In order to get unbiased and useful reviews, a good strategy is to pretend the book is written by a close friend/relative.

2. Visit Local Bookclubs.

Visiting local bookclubs for reviews is a popular option and good reason.
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Local book clubs are a great way to find passionate, engaged book lovers that would be open to providing feedback on your Kindle book.

You are likely to get detailed, useful feedback from visitors of book clubs as they taking reading seriously and have often read hundreds of books so can spot common issues quickly.

3. Approach Passionate Readers On Forums And Facebook Groups.

The right Facebook groups and forums are swimming with passionate readers that would be eager to give you valuable advice.
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A digital equivalent of approaching people at local book clubs is to reach out to passionate, engaged readers in relevant forums and Facebook groups. The added benefit of Facebook groups and forums is that you can reach a larger number of people and more quickly than you could via local book clubs and can find people that are interested in and have read other books from the same genre you have written.

You will find these readers a source of brilliant, useful advice that you can use to improve your Kindle book.

4. Provide Early Access To Fans & Purchasers of Previous Books.

Providing early access to your book to avid fans in strong way of generating actionable, useful advice.
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Another great way of getting early feedback on your Kindle book is by providing early access to your online fans/followers as well as people that have purchased your previous book(s).

You will likely find that this group is the most receptive of all and most are willing to read the entire book and provide detailed, useful advice as you already have some sort of relationship with them.

5. Give Review Copies To Kindle Review Sites.

Kindle review sites are an excellent way of receiving really useful and detailed feedback.
Image Source: TheKindleBookReview.net

Giving Kindle book review sites early access to the book in exchange for an honest review is a really strong way of getting valuable, useful advice for your Kindle book. If you are not super confident about the book then do let them know that you don’t want the review published unless it is positive, most reviewers would oblige.

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