5 Ways to Build A Writing Habit to Get Your Kindle Book Completed Faster.

1. Write down your habit intention in bold writing.

Writing your habit intention in bold really helps it stick.
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If you are going to successfully build a writing habit which means you are producing consistent output every day in order to get that Kindle book finished faster then it is absolutely crucial for you to put this intention down in writing and be very specific.

The vaguer it is the more your mind will try and get you out of doing it. So, set the number of words/pages you will write or the amount of time you will write for in your intention. Then put the paper that you have written that intention on somewhere highly visible so you can see it and be reminded of it regularly.

2.  Write Every Single Day With A Trigger

Tying a trigger to your writing is very important.
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Writing every single day is absolutely essential to forming this habit. If you imagine a worst-case scenario where you are feeling really ill, it is better you write something to keep the habit going than to miss the day completely. The mind and body like consistency and momentum, so try not to break the habit.

A good way of making sure you write every single day is to have a writing trigger. This is something you already do every single day in your routine that you can hook your newly formed writing habit onto.

For example, if you have a shower every morning, then you can hook your writing habit onto that, in which case you will, for example, start writing ten minutes after your shower every single day. The writing habit can be hooked onto any morning or evening habit that you consistently do every single day. This could be your morning coffee, or your evening gym session.

3.  Make Yourself Accountable To Others.

Making yourself accountable to others is very important when building a writing habit
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Making yourself accountable to others is extremely powerful in ensuring you stick to a habit. The best way to do this is to make sure you choose someone that you are close to and who’s opinion you care about and you wouldn’t want to disappoint and then provide them with details of your new habit intention.

It is crucial you make sure this close person will be someone that does not bully or belittle you if you don’t meet your daily goal for a day or string of days but that does call you out on it in an empathetic, calm and supportive manner.

4. Mould your environment.

Moulding your environment is essential to building a lasting writing habit.
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In order to make sure you stick to your habit you need to ensure you choose an environment that is conducive to writing where you complete your daily writing task that will work to solidify your habit. The best places for this for writing are usually dimly lit areas that are quiet, like a home study or local library.

Try and keep your environment the same for every single day you complete the writing task as that will help solidify the habit further. A consistent environment will help form a consistent habit.

5. Set Rewards.

Setting rewards is essential to keeping a writing habit going.
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A good way of maintaining consistently whilst building a regular writing habit is to give yourself weekly and monthly rewards that will keep you motivated and spur you on.

We recommend against daily rewards as you might then run the risk of having your mind associate writing too much with the reward than the act of writing and the task of writing, which could be potentially dangerous long term.

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