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Elva C.

"The Author's Incubator is great for those that want to write books or are interested in promoting different subject matters and then see residual income come in month after month! I will finally realize my dream of becoming a published author. There are so many options on how to further monetize and promote your book. I highly recommend this course since it is an opportunity to get your book ideas into digital print and from then on the financial opportunities are endless.

I would recommend this course to the business person, stay at home mom, the online entrepreneur as a way to increase revenue streams. "

5/5 Star Rating

Stefanie M.

"I am a stay at home mom that was looking for a way to help supplement our household income when I came across this course. It was something I could do from home and work around my schedule. The course is well organized, and has simple step by step instructions. Which was a great help to me, since I didn't know anything about writing or marketing. After only using the course for 10 days I was able to publish my first item on Amazon Kindle. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to get started in writing, marketing, or just make some extra money. Sky is the limit. Thank you so much for everything."

5/5 Star Rating


"The Program is put together so well, it starts by laying the foundation and then goes into detail on what someone should and shouldn’t do to succeed on Amazon.

I like how it introduces you to Kindle, then goes into how to set up your Kindle account, from there how to pick the right niches, whether you should write or get someone else (and how to do that) and other challenges you might face.

I have done a ton of research and taken courses on Kindle Publishing, and this is the first time I have been informed that we should only use 1 free day a week. Others tell you to book the whole lot at once and then you are foobar for the next 2-3 months.

I think this course offers valuable insight to what is needed – both right and wrong, for becoming a successful published author on Amazon and I can’t wait to put what I have learned into practice and become a success!"

5/5 Star Rating

Angela S.

"This is a comprehensive program, basically the A to Z of making a good living from publishing kindle books. It takes you step by step through the practical aspects that you need to know - much of which is not difficult to do (so don't think you can't do it, you can!) but you need to know that you need to do it.
As a direct result of this course, I feel much more confident to be able to do what it takes to reach an audience and sell my books. My goal is to be location independent - this information has the potential to make that happen, while earning a living doing something I love.
For me, the most valuable part of the whole course was the information on marketing. I am not good at selling myself or anything else for that matter - but that makes it look like I can do it at a distance and take myself out of the equation - and let the books do the selling! "

5/5 Star Rating

Mike R.

"This is the first course that I have been thru that was not full of useless fluff, there is so much highly useful information, that will help me reach my goal a lot faster than if I had tried to learn all of this on my own."

5/5 Star Rating

Thomas E.

"I’ve spent years trying to publish books on kindle, searching on different websites and going to seminars to gather the information I needed and have never been successful. This course has everything you need in one place! They’ve done the research for you, and made it easy to self publish with tips, tricks and hacks. I wish I started here to begin with!"

5/5 Star Rating

Alina V.

"The Author Incubator is a great program for those who want to learn how to publish kindle books and make a living doing so. It is beginner friendly and has great insight for those who are not complete beginners. I learned a lot about running facebook ads and building a platform through my email list. The Author Incubator gives you a system that you can use over and over again to publish books. It comes with templates that you can plug and use. I would recommend this program to anyone who is eager to learn how to successfully publish the easy way."

5/5 Star Rating

Martin P.

"Man this course was great! I initially thought I could find all of this information online, but this course has it all in one place, plus more! These guys even go into detail about marketing and creating ads to boost your book sales. They really went above and beyond my expectations."

5/5 Star Rating

Tandra L.

"Wow... I don’t even know where to start. Who knew that I could use my Facebook to promote my books?! The ideals incorporated into this course far exceeded my expectations. Self publishing is definitely a great way to gain financial freedom and I’m sure that after completing this course I will be on the right path to do so."

5/5 Star Rating

Larry A.

"As a first time author, I wanted to be sure I got it right! There’s so much information out there from so many sources that you often doubt if you’re doing anything correctly. This course is a one stop shop—it places everything at your fingertips and you’re not left second guessing yourself or wondering what to do with your manuscript. I cannot say enough good about this! Throw everything else out the window and focus on this course here and you will NOT be disappointed in the results!"

5/5 Star Rating

Joely R.

"So much information and knowledge spread throughout a simple, easy to follow course. Each section has a how to video that walk you step by step through each process. These guys really did their homework and spilled all of their secrets out in this course!"

5/5 Star Rating

Tiffany G.

"I thoroughly enjoyed everything about these courses and hope to expand on my gained knowledge about self publishing, the Writers Fast Pass is well presented, easy to follow and engaging. The step by step videos are easy to grasp and easily guide me through each process."

5/5 Star Rating

Samual I.

"I really enjoyed the lessons, materials, and resources that are available inside of the Kindle Cash Flow X Inner Circle membership. I believe that if you are an aspiring author, and you are serious about taking your publishing career to the next level, then you don’t just want to stay with the Kindle Cash Flow X Main Course. Rather, you’d do what anyone that is serious about their business would do, which is to sign-up for the Inner Circle membership.

I found the ‘Fast Start to Success Check-In Call’ with one of your Kindle publishing experts to be really awesome, helpful and motivating. For any student who might have already gone through with the Kindle Cash Flow X Main Course, this Call which comes just before they commence the Inner Circle membership serves as the needed boost and inspiration for them to be burning with the zeal and desire to succeed right away. And that is the attitude one needs to digest the content inside the Inner Circle Membership. I cannot think of any course that offers such an invaluable one-on-one mentorship along with their Inner Circle or Mastermind offerings.

The presenters are all veterans and experts in Kindle and Self-Publishing. They really know what they are talking about. All any student needs to do is not just listen but quickly put into practice the action points that are given.

There are several secret tips, tricks, and hacks related to self-publishing which inside the Inner Circle but which are not available inside of the Main Course or anywhere else for that matter.

I was really drawn to the lessons on how an author can build an email list, as well as collaborating with others to achieve this. They also went deeper in how to make use of an auto responder, and email marketing secrets and tricks. And then there are the lessons on how an author can advertise their books and gain a readership, especially on a platform like Facebook.

The exclusive bonuses are really valuable and more than worth the entire cost of the Inner Circle membership. One of these exclusive bonuses that I enjoyed tremendously was the Sneak Peek into their Launch Plan. With this alone, I was exposed to how to use email marketing to boost the launch of any book I release. Students would find this extremely helpful and insightful.

If you are someone who is on a budget and would like to handle various of the self-publishing tasks, the Inner Circle membership would show you several free tools and resources you can use to format, edit, design, and self-publish your book. On the other hand, if you have got some funds set aside, then you are in good hands because in the Inner Circle membership, you would be exposed to the best paid resources to use to achieve your publishing dreams."

5/5 Star Rating

Susanne W.

"This course provides detailed, comprehensive information designed to guide you through all of the steps needed to create a Best Seller. One of the best advantages is the private Facebook Group which consists of mentors and peers who provide support for all stages of creating your book. I have not experienced a more helpful way to encourage writers.

I believe this course will prepare me well to complete my book. I would strongly recommend “Author’s Inner Circle Training” for beginners and more experienced writers wishing to improve their skills."

5/5 Star Rating

Steve A.

"My initial reaction to the Author’s Incubator material was,
“What do these kids think they can teach me?” I’m glad I didn’t
let that first impression keep me from going through the course
Each subject is sliced up into small but information-packed
segments. The videos are arranged for easy consumption. I also
appreciated how easily the playback controls allow you to repeat
anything you need to go over as often as you need to.
Outsourcing was never an idea I thought about when I decided
to be a writer. In fact, the whole idea of organizing a team to
write, design covers for and publish books without controlling
every aspect of the work was not my idea of what I wanted to do.
The more I watched the lessons unfold, the idea made and more
sense. Money in the bank always sounds good!"

5/5 Star Rating

Greg A.

"What a training! The “Author’s Inner Circle Training” course succeeds in drilling down into the depths of what it takes to triumph in the current arenas of writing and publishing books that will connect with readers and change the lives of authors — both creatively and financially. How to research niches, titles, themes, reader-preferred writing styles and subjects — it’s all in there, with dedicated emphases directed toward the most important parts of the process. Understanding the market, discovering how to connect with it, and then building upon that foundation with each new publication is crucial, and “Author’s Inner Circle Training” puts the powerful information in the hands of 21st century writers like nothing before. I would not have wanted to start down the path of self-publishing with out it!"

5/5 Star Rating

Zoran P.

"This course is conveniently divided into easily consumed segments, so that you never have to worry about committing large amounts of time. You can work through it at your own pace, in your own time. The content is expressed in down-to-earth terms that anyone can readily understand and learn. I recommend the course to anyone who is interested in making serious profits from publishing kindle books."

5/5 Star Rating

Lauren A.

"One thing that impressed me about the courses is that if I have a question, there is always a quick response. The support from the instructors is first rate. The course is well paced and pitched at a level which allowed me to learn quickly and in depth without being “bogged down” with too much information."

5/5 Star Rating

Brandon E.

"Writing has always been a passion of mine, but I never knew how to profit from it. I took the course and was guided step by step on how to be successful with self publishing. Everything is broken down in easy to follow videos that leave no room for error if you follow correctly. I would recommend this course to anyone who is trying to kickstart or revamp their self publishing career."

5/5 Star Rating

Adam M.

" I thought this course was great! The pace and duration of the course videos were appropriate. I have been able to successfully setup and test some of the methods discussed in the videos. I feel more comfortable with self publishing now and look forward to expanding my career with the knowledge I’ve gained from the Writer’s Fast Pass"

5/5 Star Rating

Jessica R.

"Each video is short and to the point, yet engaging and informative. The instructors were quick to respond to any questions I have while going through the course. The amount of detailed cover was well worth the price since I could quickly apply the information to what I’m doing immediately. "

5/5 Star Rating

Samantha S.

"I traveled 7 hours to come to a live event, and it was well worth it! These guys are truly amazing. Their in depth knowledge about self publishing is mind blowing. The event was high in energy and extremely engaging, which motivates me to start my publishing career ASAP. The information they give is easy to absorb, and I can’t wait til the next event!!!'

5/5 Star Rating

Dave W.

I had a lot of “really, I didn’t know that” moments while going through the course. The materials discussed in the course are life changing and will help me skyrocket my self publishing business. This course is a must have, and I would recommend it one million percent

5/5 Star Rating


"The Author's Incubator changed the focus I had for my business! I thought I was knowledgeable about the core principles of digital marketing and content creation, but the comprehensive Author’s Incubator program has effectively challenged what I thought I knew.
This system took me through every step possible to ensure that I can become successful with my Kindle business. It also assisted me in understanding my strengths and to focus on the areas I needed to improve.
They review each step and show you how and why it is recommended for your business goals. The information that was provided was current and actionable. The resources and guides that are provided with each module give more assistance with learning the system.

I am so thankful that I participated in this program, it has given me the confidence I needed to create the business I have dreamed of!"

5/5 Star Rating

June T.

"I purchased the Kindle Cash Flow training program about six weeks ago and wished I had bought it sooner.
Going through the program was a great eye opener for me. The information shared gives so much clarity, step by step, that you simply can’t go wrong. Also, the videos are short, clear and to the point. Keeping them short was very convenient for me as I was able to fit the training into my busy schedule.
My favorite part of the program was learning how to use amazon site for the research. Finding a profitable niche, knowing what to write about and in what category were some of the things that simply eluded me before. Now I feel equipped and confident going forward. I found a great category and now my first novel is being written.
I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to start publishing kindle e-books but need clear guidance on how to do this successfully or to anyone who has been publishing e-books, but like me, had little or no financial success. I am absolutely delighted with the Kindle Cash Flow program. For me personally, it has taken the guess work out of my e-book publishing experience and I’m very excited so far with the understanding I now have and the progress I’ve made."

5/5 Star Rating

Scott M.

"The Author’s Incubator is jam-packed with so much training on how to succeed with ebooks that I couldn’t begin to assimilate it all! I’m a relative newbie, and so everything in the course was pretty eyeopening for me. Yet the training is perfectly clear, in easy-to-follow videos that even I could follow the first time through! The authors talk you through each step in every process, with clearly outlined bullet-points you can pause and read through and make notes on. The presentation is perfect.

And the amount of material is simply awesome. I could only get through a little over half of it so far, but I’ve learned enough about the winning strategies even now to start rolling out ebooks and marketing them in the near future.

I couldn’t possibly do justice to all the material in the course, and I don’t want to give away the content, so I’ll just focus on a few of my favorite parts.

Right in the first video there is a gold nugget of a strategy for boosting engagement with your ebooks. In the “Quick Start” section, the authors show you how to use a simple Amazon promotional technique to put your books in front of growing audiences easily and build engagement quickly over just a few weeks. I couldn’t believe how simple this technique is, and I can see how over time it makes people aware of your books and aware of your presence as an author.

Then there’s the invaluable advice on how to set up your Kindle books the right way BEFORE you publish them so that they are ready to take advantage of the way Amazon has set up Kindle to appeal to readers. Having made deadly mistakes with just writing and publishing books that were not designed with the reader in mind FIRST, this training made me understand how to think through the topics I’d like to write about with the reader who would buy them in mind before I even started. In fact, the advice about creating a “Reader Avatar” to write for is genius: it gives you an imaginary reader to be speaking to while you’re writing, and that helps the words come out much, much easier.

What was eye-opening for me, however, was the way the course expanded my understanding of what an “author” could be. I had always thought of myself as simply a writer. I scratch out words and hope that others want to read them. And The Author’s Incubator showed me how to do that with intention, by selecting the kinds of topics that readers were already looking for, so that there would be a much greater chance of getting someone to actually want my writing. There is an extremely valuable section on the five most in-demand niches that can also be profitable, and they are mostly evergreen niches that even newcomers can compete in. What is more, the course also teaches you how to analyze the market in a way that any reasonably intelligent person can follow and actually do for themselves. That alone is worth the price of admission!

But the thing that really expanded my horizons about authorship is the module on hiring others to expand the range of your authorship. I had always heard the adage that you have to hire others if you want to really grow your business, but I never understood how a writer could do that sort of thing. This course shows you how you can use outsourcing to multiply your ideas and your effort to produce more and more books—and the more books you produce, the easier it is to make money. I haven’t had the time yet to move into that category of authorship, but the training is perfectly clear about how to do it, and I know that if I follow the steps, I’ll get there.

So, while I haven’t yet worked all the way through, I can see that The Author’s Incubator covers the territory completely. It’s a complete guide to making a living as an author in the new world of ebooks, and I’m going to keep following the steps until I join the ranks of those who make their whole living selling books online.

The Author’s Incubator is all anyone needs to become successful in the world of Kindle books.

Thanks so much for everything!"

5/5 Star Rating